Why women can’t find a man

June 10, 2011

The Private Man posted about women’s dating coach Evan Marc Katz, who appears to be making money telling women what their mothers and grandmothers should have told them all along: be feminine and take the time to see if there’s substance behind a man’s charm. As the feminist pendulum perhaps slows to a stop at its extreme, with much of its radical and untested philosophy implemented both in cultural conditioning and in legislation, we find that the ability to create your own reality ends where the brick wall begins.

In this case the brick wall into which the feminist ideal of interchangeability of the sexes runs is the biological fact that males and females, generally, are attracted biologically to different things. A man wants a woman who is young, attractive, and treats him with respect, affection, and obedience. A woman wants a man who is strong in character, capable, successful, and gives her security and resources. It’s not that men don’t care if a woman is successful in her career — it’s that it doesn’t make her attractive to him.

That, by the way, opens a whole ‘nother can of feminist worms: men have a biological incentive to succeed in the workplace, sports, or politics. When a man works hard and rises to the top, he is rewarded by a much better choice of women who want to be with him. No one has to mention that rock stars, pro athletes, and to a more modest extent CEOs and politicians get showered with the attentions of willing young women even if they don’t send pictures of their wieners via cell phone.

But what happens to women who try the same thing? Does Nancy Pelosi get hit on more than a hot 18-year-old college freshman? Do the WNBA stars have more hot guys slipping them numbers than they would have if they were cocktail waitresses in Vegas? No — in fact, the feminine occupation of waitress (along with flattering costume) adds to their attractiveness to men.

This is why the recent push by the ACLU to support the Paycheck Fairness Act disappoints me. The bill proposes that even if no sex discrimination is found to have occurred, an employer is still liable if women are paid less on average than men for the same job. The pendulum is trying to keep moving in the direction of legislating more and more for women, but the biological incentives for men to succeed in the workplace explain the differential in outcome better than some theory of invisible cultural bias.

So Private Man and my other Red Pill friends: what narrative can we construct that will counter the current ideology? The masses will always be on the Blue Pill. How do we regain control of the conversation?


3 Responses to “Why women can’t find a man”

  1. Badger said

    Hey, thanks for commenting on my blog. I’ll keep my eyes peeled for more from this site.

    Blog on.

  2. odanowsky said

    “How do we regain control of the conversation?”

    You don’t.

    What we all can do :

    Blog restlessly about the topic, with smarts.
    Relate more and more real unbiased stories.
    Dig classical stuff like Cosi Fan Tutte (jewel) and explain it in a simple and flashy fashion.
    Do it with style unlike the childish and unresponsible pua blogosphere.
    Never, ever whine or complain, but talk with it with a smile and ‘amused mastery’.
    Write fictions, theatre, movies.

    So many ways.
    Sound like a manifesto…

  3. betasattva said

    Some very good ideas, Mr. Odanowsky.

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