A modern feminist propaganda tale

July 10, 2011

This dialog entitled “A Modern Sexual-Assault Tale” (kudos for getting the hyphen right) is meming its way through Facebook and the blogosphere without much critical comment. Read the whole thing, but here is an excerpt:

  • Man: Hello, I’d like to report a mugging.


  • Officer: You knowingly walked down Dundritch Street in your suit when everyone knows you like to give away money, and then you didn’t fight back. It sounds like you gave money to someone, but now you’re having after-donation regret. Tell me, do you really want to ruin his life because of your mistake?
  • Man: This is ridiculous!
  • Officer: This is a rape analogy. This is what women face every single day when they try to bring their rapists to justice.

This little fable, innocuous on its face, actually illuminates a serious problem with rape accusations and prosecutions. Is there really an analogy to mugging? In a robbery there is a weapon and stolen property. If any of that is found, it is damning evidence. With a rape accusation, often it is only the credibility of the accuser and the accused that can be weighed to determine justice. “Rape shield” laws, while intended to protect victims, may prevent justice for the falsely accused. Along with the absence of severe punishment for false rape accusations, the scales are tilted so far that false rape accusations can be made with virtual impunity, causing devastating harm to the falsely accused.

Mugging and rape are not very similar crimes. A better analogy to rape would be cuckolding: a married woman having a baby by another man and using the legal system or simple deceit to force the husband to pay for the child’s support. See what happens then when the man says, “This is ridiculous!”


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