“Girl goes nuts not having a boyfriend” video is more sad than funny

July 10, 2011

The Huffington Post commented on a Youtube video a preteen girl made showing her exasperation at what she considers the dumb things boys are looking for in girls:

HuffPo says:

While most of the sites posting this are labeling this as a full-fledged teen meltdown, it’s actually a fairly astute satirical commentary on the way girls are taught to present themselves if they want to “find a man.” Since we’re pretty sure she hasn’t been reading up on her ’70s feminist art history, we’re going to go ahead and call her a genius, since she had to figure this out on her own. Hopefully, she’s swearing off even worrying about boys from here on out and will just work on becoming the scientist-astronaut-novelist-post-punk-rock-star-eventual-president-of-the-United-States we know she can be.

This is one of the most tragic elements of the feminism virus: the idea that male-female attraction is just a social convention that can be changed if they close their eyes and yell loud enough for long enough. And indeed the girl in the video is closing her eyes and yelling. Why do boys want girls for such superficial reasons as looks and femininity? Well, it doesn’t matter so much why (evolutionary reasons, read any of several good books on the topic) as that they do, and it’s not going to change.

What the feminists are missing, of course, is that even if they could succeed in making men attracted to aging female businessmen and politicians, they would simply be replacing one set of superficial qualities with another: the superficial qualities they are attracted to in super-alpha males.

In an attempt to allow a minority of women access to traditionally male careers, the feminist virus has brainwashed the majority of girls into thinking that careerism will bring them happiness. They waste their most attractive decade slutting around and acquiring an education of questionable value instead of polishing their feminine demeanor and attracting a quality mate.

So to the girl in the video: yes, you will soon grow breasts and get attention from boys. When you do, you will be much better served to stop whining and start smiling sweetly. Show them that you’re willing to wait for a man you can look up to, who will stick with you and take care of you. Neither of you may ever be President, but you have a shot at happiness.


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