“Friends with Benefits” could benefit from the red pill

July 27, 2011

I saw Friends with Benefits, addicted as I am to romantic comedies of any era. While the cast and cinematography were first rate, the movie didn’t really make any sense to me. (Spoiler follows)

The plot concerns a very attractive, outgoing, feminine girl reaching the point of fading beauty who meets an extremely desirable man. Sort of a reverse When Harry Met Sally, they start off both wanting a pure, emotionless sexual relationship and then later discover mutual feelings for each other and live happily ever after.

In reality (and I have dated a few girls like this) she’s going to fall hard for him 100% of the time once they have sex, but in the movie she has this weird mannish standoffishness, then makes him go all beta douche bag to win her heart. (How many young men have been led astray by Hollywood into thinking that actually works?)

What would have happened in real life is she would have played him for a monogamous commitment rather than the opposite. In the movie, she supposedly wanted a no-strings-attached relationship with him although she had no other men in her life. Why? What’s her motivation? That’s not how the female mind works, and while there are gender outliers, the character in the movie was straight down the middle femme fatale, a beast used to wrapping men around their little finger and extracting as much as she can from each.

These unrealistic plotlines don’t to anyone any favors and just add to the general confusion Americans have about the true nature of male-female relationships.


One Response to ““Friends with Benefits” could benefit from the red pill”

  1. Badger said

    I liked the movie, basically, but thought it didn’t add anything that Much Ado About Nothing hadn’t already done, except some well-acted sex scenes.

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